About Whoopee Doo Racing

What is Whoopee Doo Racing?

Hi!  My name is Chris Tybor (you might know me as Aquafina on forums).  I started Whoopee Doo Racing in 2003 as a junior in high school with the intention of getting a discount on parts for my personal car (lame, I know).  I got on as a dealer with Rocket Motorsports and Action Clutch.  I never actually bought any parts for my car but found my skill of selling Boy Scout popcorn carried over to car parts.  Honda manual transmissions became my specialty in 2005.  In 2006 I picked up MFactory (Infinitude at the time).  I made Whoopee Doo Racing my full time gig in 2007.  In 2008 I became the Official North American Installer for MFactory and helped run their booth at SEMA for the next three years.  I did the R&D testing for most of their products up until 2011.  I've sponsored many Integra Type R Expo's, West Michigan Honda Meet (now Honda Meet), Ben Howard's NationRide Tour, and many privateer racers and teams over the years. Special shout out to Andrew Meek's in his NASA TTD Integra Type R for back to back to back to back championships.  

I'm a hardcore D series fan so starting in 2008 I had MFactory produce all three D series fitment LSD's including the DOHC ZC fitment which allows any 88-00 D series to use B series sized axles.  I've tried nearly every possible D series gearing setup in my personal car and my great customers have helped me become the foremost authority on high powered D series transmissions.  D2B is for the birds.

I've built transmissions for just about everything, from stock daily drivers to 8 second SFWD drag cars, NASA Honda Challenge road racers, local series dirt track racers and even the best spring manufacturer in the world, Eibach Springs.

Since I am so familiar with gearing and the effects it has on performance both on the drag strip and road courses I can help you choose the best combo for your particular setup.  Whether you need a full transmission build or just a few parts to repair yours on your own, I'll take care of you throughout the whole process.

Whats the deal with your name?

When I started Whoopee Doo Racing I was tired of so many shops trying to sound more badass than the next with their names.  Thus Whoopee Doo Racing.  My logo is a cartoon version of someone talking about how badass they are, except they've been silenced by some duct tape with Whoopee Doo Racing's initials graffiti'd on it.   I call him the Whoopster.